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Wiper Blade Replacement Services

Windshield wiper blade maintenance often takes a backseat to other automobile upkeep tasks, but worn wiper blades can be a safety hazard. It's important that your wipers are in good condition to assure you can always see well. AAMCO experts recommend changing wiper blades every six months, or when they are not performing properly.

If the rubber edges of the windshield wiper blades look worn or torn, the wipers should be replaced as soon as possible. You should also have the metal arm of the wipers inspected. Your windshield wipers should always operate smoothly or efficiently. The wiper blades should fit snugly against the windshield. If they aren't working as well as they should, your visibility can be reduced, and that can be dangerous.

AAMCO offers windshield wiper repair, wiper blade replacement service, and wiper blade installation. Our technicians will inspect your windshield wiper arm assembly. If needed, we'll remove the old wiper blades, recommend new ones that are right for your vehicle, and install new, long-lasting blades.

In Fremont, CA, if you notice streaking, hazing or noise when you operate your wipers, let us check them out for you. Trust AAMCO to give you the best, most trustworthy windshield wiper repair in the industry.



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