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Clutch Service and Repair

Clutch Service

A stick shift can make driving enjoyable—even thrilling. Some drivers like to sit back and let the transmission do all the work. Those who prefer to drive a stick shift know that the extra effort to shift gears is anything but work—it’s pure pleasure. The clutch becomes an extra pedal that puts you in control of your driving experience.

The clutch is also a component of your car that can often have problems. Fortunately, AAMCO offers a Transmission Initial Vehicle Check which is a clutch repair service designed to isolate problems with your clutch. We can find the problem quickly, and we offer several important services to fix your clutch so that your manual transmission operates at maximum efficiency.

We’ll inspect the clutch disc, pressure plate, and flywheel, replacing any required components. If necessary, we can reinstall the transmission. These services will be performed to AAMCO’s exacting standards. After our repairs, we’ll perform a lift check to make sure the clutch is performing properly and make any necessary adjustments. We’ll also top off the transmission and give it a road test to make sure everything is functioning properly.

Don’t risk interrupting the thrill of driving your manual transmission by letting your clutch go out of whack. Drop by one of our shops in Fremont, CA and let our transmission professionals perform clutch service and repair for any little problems you have so they don’t turn into worse ones. A transmission is a complicated and tricky piece of equipment and needs the tender loving care that our mechanics can offer.



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