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Battery Maintenance & Charging Services

A battery that is in its best condition means that your vehicle will run better, start faster, and perform as it was intended. Unfortunately, batteries are components that need replacement every few years. If you’re noticing that the battery requires frequent charging or it’s cranking slowly, stop on by your local AAMCO car care center. Our battery maintenance & charging services in Fremont, CA, diagnose issues before you find yourself unable to start your vehicle. Call us today to learn more about our free Initial Vehicle Check (IVC).

How can our team of experts help you? For starters, we inspect your battery’s connections for signs of wear and tear that may affect performance. We also test the electrolyte level, the battery load, and the condition of the battery’s case. It’s also important that your battery’s mountain and other connections are secure. When a battery bounces around during driving, not only does it decrease the lifespan of the battery, but it can affect other mechanical components like the air intake hose, for example.

Having your vehicle’s battery checked periodically is recommended by our car experts. At AAMCO, we recommend replacement every three years, but batteries rarely give warning signs before failing. Don’t be stranded with a bad battery. Instead, stop by a Fremont AAMCO center for battery maintenance & recharging services.



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